Power Gardening

How PowerGardening Started

Several years ago, on a gorgeous summer day, Caroline Yourcheck’s husband called out to her as she was working in her garden. “Caroline? It’s time to go to the gym. You coming?” Caroline was much too busy and engaged in her work to break away. “You’ll have to go along without me,” she replied. “Besides, I’m getting a much better workout here than I’ve ever gotten in a gym!”

It was no less than an epiphany. And what Caroline was doing, a cross between gardening and landscaping, led to the fitness program she calls “PowerGardening.”

Benefits of the PowerGardening Fitness Program

More than a gardening book, more than a weight-loss book, PowerGardening…Lose Weight & Weeds! will show you step-by-step how The PowerGardening Fitness Program can help you drop pounds, increase your energy level, and enhance your quality of life – all while saving money and helping the environment.

You’ll eat better, you’ll feel better, you’ll look better. And you’ll be doing it while communing with nature, away from the stresses of everyday living.

Excerpt from PowerGardening

..Simply put, when you enjoy doing something, the more likely you are to keep doing it. PowerGardening is a sure way to take advantage of an inherent gravitation towards a physical activity that is as satisfying emotionally as it is rewarding physically.

And rewarding physically it is. It’s no wonder that The American Heart Association lists gardening and yard work as recommended activities to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. And when one considers the other advantages of physical activity – not just the weight loss benefits but the beneficial effects on our bones, our balance, our muscles, even the very length of our lives – PowerGardening becomes even more appealing.

One of the reasons PowerGardening is so good for us physically is that it requires the use of most of the muscles in our bodies. When you’re PowerGardening, you’re lifting, stretching, and bending. You’re carrying plants, or pushing a wheelbarrow, or digging the soil. PowerGardening consists of movement that requires strength, flexibility, and endurance – all necessary ingredients of a good physical workout.

Recent studies, including studies done by Barbara Ainsworth and Associates and Dan Hickey of National Gardening Magazine, show that you can expend as much energy raking your lawn as you would riding a bike. Clearing brush can be the equivalent of an aerobics class. Time spent turning compost can be equal to a weightlifting session. Weeding, hauling, raking, bagging, mowing, clearing, digging – it’s all good!

..It’s all calorie-burning, too, and in a way that’s a lot more fun than burning calories on the treadmill. Because it’s an activity often requiring weight-bearing action, it strengthens bones, as well. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s an out-of-door activity where the sunshine naturally provides vitamin D for bones, as well as for help in strengthening the body’s immune system.

..Interesting research even suggests that people who spend time nurturing plants often find themselves with an improved attitude towards health and nutrition. There’s just something about gardening that makes us feel healthy and makes us more serious about wanting tostay healthy.