PowerGardening…Lose Weight & Weeds!

by Caroline Yourcheck

How PowerGardening Started

Several years ago, on a gorgeous summer day, Caroline Yourcheck’s husband
called out to her as she was working in her garden. “Caroline? It’s time to
go to the gym. You coming?” Caroline was much too busy and engaged in her work to break away. “You’ll have to go along without me,” she replied. “Besides, I’m getting a much better workout here than I’ve ever gotten in a gym!”

It was no less than an epiphany. And what Caroline was doing, a cross between gardening and landscaping, led to the fitness program she calls “PowerGardening.”

Benefits of The PowerGardening Fitness Program

More than a gardening book, more than a weight-loss book, PowerGardening…Lose Weight & Weeds! will show you step-by-step how The PowerGardening Fitness Program can help you drop pounds, increase your energy level, and enhance your quality of life – all while saving money and helping the environment.

You’ll eat better, you’ll feel better, you’ll look better. And you’ll be doing it while communing with nature, away from the stresses of everyday living.

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